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For the parents out there that want to protect the kids from seeing certain sites.

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Some Good Software Sites.

Good Gaming Sites.

Virtual Cards and Flowers
(Send someone virtual flowers or Cards)
Virtual Flowers
Send a Diversion Virtual Flowers
Virtual Presents
Virtual Free Stuff
Virtual Bonbons
Virtual Chocolate
Virtual Desserts
Virtual Vacations
Virtual Omelette
Dumpster Dive
Mark's Apology Note Generator
April Fools (All Year Round)
The Cyrano Server (Letter Generator)
Send a Diversion

Virtual Cards
1001 Postcards
Blue Mountain Arts - Animated Cards
Hallmark Connections
Mail A Meal - Gourmet Postcards
The Postcard Store Cards
Warner Bros. Postcards
Message in a Bottle
Toonogram Cartoon Postcards - Dr. Fun
Toonogram Cartoon Postcards - Randy Glasbergen
Kellogg's Card Shop
Cyberzoo Postcards
Astrological Cards
Gund Greeting
Animated Greeting Cards
3-D Sci-Fi Greeting Cards
50's - 60's Card Shoppe
Inter Greetings
Xenus Postcards
Conk! Cards
Y'all Postcards
Armour Porkcards
Color-Your-Own Cowcard

Movie Links

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