Dial Up Networking NT 4.O Connection

Please read and print these directions and disconnect from the Internet before making these modifications

  1. Go to www.a5s.com and Click on Local Number Finder for your Local Number.
  2. Enter your phone number.
  3. Click on Get my local number
  4. Write down the appropriate phone number listed
  5. Close Netscape
  6. Click on the Start menu.
  7. Click on Programs.
  8. Click on Accessories.
  9. Click on Dial-Up Networking.
  10. Click on More.
  11. Click on Edit entry and modem properties...
  12. Click on the Basic tab.
  13. Change the phone number to the one that you wrote down in step 4.
  14. Click on the Server tab.
  15. Click on TCP/IP Settings...
  16. In the bottom half of the box are your DNS numbers. Change them accordingly:
    Primary DNS:
    Secondary DNS:
    Leave all other blanks alone.
  17. Click OK at the bottom of the TCP/IP Settings box.
  18. Click OK at the bottom of the Edit Phonebook box.
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