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Whether your shopping for a merchant account or are already processing credit cards, Global Merchant Services from After 5 Solutions can help!!  We offer a full line of credit card processing equipment as well as full end to end credit card processing solutions for your website including shopping cart technology and virtual point of sale terminal (VPOS).  Our rates are among the most competitive in the industry and our customer service is second to none!!!  So even if your already processing let us give you a free quote, the only thing you have to lose is higher rates.

7 Reasons Why Successful
Businesses Accept Credit Cards:

  1. More Sales: Studies have shown that having a merchant account may increase sales by as much as 50% or more. Many direct marketing businesses produce 90% to 100% of their sales by credit card.
  2. Bigger Sales: The average credit card user spends 2.5 times as much as cash buyers.
  3. Cash Flow:: When clients pay you with credit cards or ATM cards, you'll receive your money faster than if you had to wait for them to send a check or money order.
  4. More Impulse Buyers: With credit cards, buyers feel more freedom to make unplanned purchases.
  5. Enhanced Credibility: The ability to take credit card payments gives you valuable credibility in the eyes of prospective and current clients.
  6. Higher Profit Margins: Credit card customers are typically less conscious of price differences than buyers that pay by check or cash.
  7. Competitive Edge: Credit card and ATM users tend to seek out businesses that accept credit cards and ATM payments over those that do not.

Capabilities and Services Include:
    • All Major Credit Cards
    • ATM, Debit, and Check Guarantee
    • Secure internet payment processing
    • Electronic Checks via the Internet, Phone, or Fax
    • State-of-the-Art Equipment or Software
    • Fast Customer Service Response
    • 24-Hour, 7-day Customer Service
    • Risk Free Guaranteed Checks or Verification Services
    • Quick Approval and Installation of New Accounts
    • Access to Funds Within 24-48 Hours 

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