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You have reached our About Us page therefore you must be looking for a Qualified and Certified Network Engineer or Security Design Specialist.

After 5 Solutions has been in business since 1996 and has grown into a company that Businesses, Schools, and individuals have come to rely on, with our expert services and reliability. Over the last 16 years we have gained more customers from word of mouth then any other means and that "SPEAKS" for itself no pun intended.

Our goal is to provide Information Technology services from small, to large organizations. We take a lot of pride in our work, and you will appreciate the great effort and reliability behind our work.

Our Network Engineers and System Engineers are Certified within their disciplines. Therefore if you have a Network Security project that you are working on the Engineer that you will be working with is certified with a CCSP, CISSP or other degree of expertise needed to get your project completed and done reliably.

Our areas of expertise include but not limited to:

- Network Setup from Large Complex BGP routed environments with multiple locations or subnets to single subnet networks. We have designed, implemented networks with over 20000 users to offices with 3 PCs and share and respect them equally. We know and appreciate that your environment is that most important environment therefore we treat every job that way and make sure that it is completed with that respect and reliability you expect.

- Remote Administration
We setup with your permission remote capabilities to allow fast and effective tech support when needed. Remotes administration is important for both your business and us. We know when something is happening on your network, therefore we can alert you to the situation and take corrective actions most of the time before you even knew that there was an issue.

- Firewall Setup and Security Assessments
This is one of the strongest points of interest for us and should be for you. You need to know that your data, your customers data is secure and protected. A network is great for sharing files, printers and other information but that information must stay secured and protected at all times, and that it what a properly setup firewall with other protections in place will do for you and your business. We have configured and maintained both Hardware and Software environments with great success. We not only tell you that you are secured we run penetration tests using some the of the best security vulnerability testing tools and show you how secure you are. We monitor and maintain PSIRTs for security devices so if a new threat arises we take the needed steps to mitigate that new threat.

- Wireless Networking
Wireless networking allows for easy access for you and your clients for file, print sharing and data exchange. We can come in setup your wireless lan with a controller based solution if you network is large. This allows for you to roam freely on one autonomous system without have to drop from AP to AP and causing network interruptions on software, IPads, or roaming devices any where in your building. We come in to run a spectrum analysis to let you know what and where you might need Access Points for the needed coverage areas. We also make sure that all your wireless environments are protected and secured to our level listed above with that same pride and control for security that we have come to be known for.

- VPN Setup
A virtual private network (VPN) is a private communications network used by companies to communicate confidentially over a public network. We offer cost effective and secure way for your company to provide users access to your private network with a secure connection like you are sitting local to your network. VPN also provide a cost-effective solution to expense dedicated private lines between buildings or locations. VPN use public infrastructure like they are your LONG extended network cables between sites or locations with encrypted secure connections.

- Antivirus and Security Monitoring
We use the latest and greatest security tools for your network and PC's that we have compiled over the years. Virus and Malware have become one the biggest threats to Companies and individuals. These nasty programs run command and controls in the background, and can steal your passwords, keylogger and create files of your keyboard activities, and then send that file to a known bad location on the internet waiting to receive all your activities and passwords. Viruses and Malware can sit dormant for a long time then active at a later time, but if you have the right tools and security measures in place when these nasty little programs actives you will stop them in there tracks before anything leaves your network. Having the right security and monitoring in place should be one of the most important key points that any tech company should stress to you. The more secure you are the better you feel and are confident that you can do your daily business without concerns of security breeches.

- Disaster Recovery
We do a little of this for those issues were you might have thought you lost data or for some reason someone told you to put the original disk that came with your computer in and you over wrote that data we can usually get those types of WOOPS back, but for larger issue with the platters or burnt circuit boards on drives we leave that to Clean Room experts and have a company in Milwaukee that we work with.

- Backup Solutions (Onsite and off)
We provide onsite and offsite backup solutions. Its not if it happens, but when it happens for data drive issues. Even a fully redundant RAID 10 system can fail, and if you don't have a copy of your data you could be down or even worse. We have setup business solutions where the data is backed up locally, but then also has a offsite location that the data is also backup on off peak times. We customize every backup solution to your needs and requirements.

- Server Configuration
We configure Unix, Windows and Mac based servers. Servers running AD, Mail, Network services like DHCP, DNS, File and print services. We maintain a full array of controls on the servers to optimize the reliability and productivity.

- Content Filtering
Increase security protection and employee productivity with content filtering leaving your network. You have compiled some of the best tools in the industry for effective protected employee work environments. This allows for you to know everything that is coming and leaving your network. Scheduled reports can be run and deliveried to see any and all activities. The tools we use allow for real time content monitoring.


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